It should be a crime for a man to not have a blazer in his wardrobe. Blazers, and well-fitted at that, bring a dressy look to one’s outfit without getting too formal, like a pantsuit. Blazers are known to maintain relevance in many circumstances and settings. Available in various fabrics, colors and styles, it is not hard to find a grey blazer that feels like your style.

Since I love to try different, unconventional things, I knew this blazer with a detachable jacket was something I needed. The grey blazer with elbow patches, and the jacket as an add-on, had a very edgy look to it. I decided to pair the blazer with light brown chinos to bring uniformity in my outfit by using soft colors, and yet maintain a contrast. The orange brown jacket, however, complemented the light brown chinos, making my look a bit more sophisticated. And the navy blue tie lent a necessary dash of color to the whole outfit, tying up the whole look together, better. The brown shoes, too, complement the jacket and the chinos, and since they belong to the same color family, they do not steal attention from the blazer.

What I love about this particular blazer is that it is an accessory in blurring the line between elegant and casual. The light shades of the outfit give it both a smart casual and a semi-formal look. The great thing about the grey blazer is that you can even wear it with white chinos and pull off the look, and it will suit an afternoon or an early evening meeting. For an even more casual, laid-back vibe, you can always swap the shirt with a plain t-shirt or wear the blazer with a pair of jeans.

The main thing to remember to make a look your own is that you should make sure you find it comfortable and interesting. You can carry any look with style, if it makes you feel confident and empowered. So go and grab whatever you love off the hanger, and rock it!


Blazer : Zara
Shirt : Raymond Supima
Chinos : Scullers
Watch : Titan Xylys
Shoes : Blackberrys

Location credit : 1131 Indiranagar

Photo credit : Anna Magnolia
Instagram Handle : @photo_magnolia

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