The thing about most smart-watches is that it’s hard to miss that they’re smart watches. They lack the classic analog look that, for me, makes a watch a watch. So while I have owned quite a few smart-watches I never really found them versatile enough to go with different looks. And that is when I got to know about the all new Sonata Stride. It takes the best of both analog design and digital functioning to create a hybrid watch that delivers more than one could’ve asked for.

At a glance, it just looks like a normal stylish watch, but when you get to know it more, it gets better. The Steps and Calorie Tracker is a great feature to have. I am always up to date with whether or not I am meeting my daily goals. The tracker not only counts my progress but helps me keep it in check, as well. Then there’s the Call Alert feature. One would think an analog watch alerting you of your calls impossible, but Sonata Stride has done it and done it well! Sometimes I miss calls because my phone is one room and I am in the other, and I don’t hear my phone ring. But since the Stride has this Call Alerts feature, I am notified of all calls instantly. Now, more than me, my mom’s happy that I don’t miss her calls anymore.

Another bonus of owning this watch that I don’t get those mini heart attacks when I can’t locate my phone. Whenever I can’t seem to locate it, I just turn to my Sonata Stride which helps me get to my phone with its really convenient Find My Phone feature. The watch also has this amazing Sedentary Reminder feature which reminds me to get up from chair when I’ve been too comfortable for too long. It recognizes the body’s need to be active and not be in rest for long periods of time, to be fit and healthy. The feature helps me fight my urge to be lazy and turn to the couch potato lifestyle. Thanks to it, my fitness routine is no longer restricted to my gym workouts but has expanded to my normal routine too.

But Sonata Stride is not to be taken as an anti-rest alert, at all. In fact, it is the best accessory to have to ensure a healthy lifestyle. It has a built in Sleep Monitor that tracks my sleeping patterns and lets me know if I’ve had sufficient rest or not. It’s safe to say that the watch is more than just a smartwatch, it is also a fitness watch.

Enough talk about fitness though. The Stride has another feature that just makes my life easier, especially as a blogger. Since it is linked to my phone, it allows me to exercise Camera Control and take pictures hands free. I don’t always have to rely on others to get my photos clicked anymore.

What’s even better is that all these brilliant features and a variety of sleek, sophisticated designs come packed in really affordable prices. From utility to pricing, design to features, analog to digital, the Sonata Stride is indeed the best of both worlds in every case!


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