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A pair of zero gravity denim from NUMERO UNO is all that you need to fly, to achieve your dreams and do everything you want. There is nothing that can’t be achieved in a pair of denim. From a good weekend to a good sleep, a good pair of denim suffice all your needs. Don’t tell […]

travel look

A traveler resides in each one of us. It’s up to us when we decide to explore the unexplored. With the latest collection from Nautica, it became my reason to explore my inner traveler one more time in a lot more style. I’m a vagabond when it comes to travel but style is something I […]


Unless you are wearing your dad’s jeans, everyone looks good in denim. From Straight to skinny to joggers to distressed, denim love has evolved for all of us at a lot of levels. I have spent almost whole of my life in a pair of denim. I can eat, sleep, jog, travel, play or should I say […]

Mr Button Collection

“Poetry is a matter of life, not just a matter of language.” – Lucille Clifton Why I have begun this blog on such a beautiful note? Because today we are going to look at the poet side of life, with a poetic style. We don’t realise but with all our ups and downs, our life is […]

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Breakbounce Streetwear is a men’s youth brand that talks the language of international street styles and trends and I am a man who’s always curious to explore distinct fashion genre. Before taking over with the blog, I’d like you to know a little bit about the brand, Breakbounce Streetwear. Who are they? And how they […]

men shoes Adidas Yeezy Boost

The wait is over and adidas has done what we all have been waiting for! The upgraded, red-hot  Adidas Yeezy Boost  350 V2 is here. The first adidas + Kanye West release of 2017 sees the model in a black/red colour way. Globally released on February 11th in adult and for the first time, infant sizing, […]

Reebok Classic Club C

One doesn’t need to introduce Reebok to anyone or a man’s fetish for shoes. Both are more like universal truth that exists, Reebok as a renowned brand and men’s love for footwear. So, before we talk further, first let me introduce you guys to Classic Club C. What is it and why they are here […]

Nehru Jacket

Apart from parties, there are times when you have occasions to attend like marriages, anniversaries, cocktails etc. This is the time when you have to GO but don’t want to take the pain of dressing up TOO much. Then comes the solution, Cocktail Dressing. The beauty of cocktail attire is that, while it’s a relatively formal, there […]

coffee date

Who said Valentine’s is all about colour red, red roses, red balloons and what not red? As I try to break any one stereotype with my every blog and this week we have entered the Valentine’s week, I decided to do something like that again! Why not Valentine’s be no RED? After all its more […]