Mr Button Poetic Collection is a true symphony

“Poetry is a matter of life, not just a matter of language.”
– Lucille Clifton

Why I have begun this blog on such a beautiful note? Because today we are going to look at the poet side of life, with a poetic style. We don’t realise but with all our ups and downs, our life is turned into a beautiful symphony that we try to play or sing better with each day. One way to make it better is to work on how you look and how you feel about yourself.

While with every blog we talk more fashion, but this time its more life. With our hectic schedule, I got this realisation of life’s poetry with my shoot for MR BUTTON POETIC JUSTICE COLLECTION. A collection that talks deep in thought and poetic in style. Created with the purity of linen, this collection calls summers in the most surreal way.

Enjoying my wilderness, aloof in the woods with the things that give me a high was an unexpected experience with MR BUTTON. Simple linen prints loaded with style and comfort, made my reading and guitar sessions even better! Thinking mode was on automatically and creativity flew like never before.

This is my comfort zone. My way of dressing up. My way to style. You are comfortable, you are yourself, breathing well in linen fabric, one of the most finest fabrics for skin and you know whats the best part about it? You don’t even realise but you are in your happy space already making the symphony of life better by giving poetic justice to it. Thanks to MR BUTTON. I will truly cherish this experience and straight away adding to my most memorable moments.

It’s your turn guys to take a toll on life in a poetic way and do justice with it and to yourself! Go linen this summers, feel free, feel breezy. Linen is love in summers and we all know that, right?

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Photo credit : Arvind Raj
Instagram Handle : @arvindpixel