Putting together an outfit for a summer day can be quite confusing. To find garments made of fabrics appropriate for the weather, and with prints and in designs that look fashionable and stylish is very tiresome. Thankfully, Linen Club has proven to be the best solution for this, with its great, wide range of linen fabrics which puts an end to every summer fashion problem. They give everyone the opportunity to select their choice of fabric and get their outfit stitched together just the way they want it to be.

Although people tend to opt for cotton during summers, I believe linen is the better option because of how it feels to the skin, how absorbent it is and how much more durable it is as compared to cotton. And that is what took me to a Linen Club store, recently. Choosing my favorite pieces of fabric to put an outfit together was so confusing that I ended up going home with two!

For my first outfit, I selected a light blue and yellow checkered linen fabric for the shirt, and surprisingly enough found a polo t-shirt in linen, as well, which I obviously had to add to the look! And I wore them with a pair of denim blue linen half pants to pull the whole outfit together. The quality of the fabric used is certainly top-notch; not only are they breathable and keep me perspiration free, but are also very soft to feel.

My other outfit is a little less casual but equally stylish and perfect for a party. The brown shirt’s fabric with the prints caught my eye as soon as I stepped into the Linen Club store and was a quick choice and I paired it up with a pair of beige trousers. Both the top and bottom feel very comfortable and keep me feeling fresh even when the day gets too wild or hectic. Also, to add that extra element of balance to my look I accompanied them with a tan belt.

It was a great and exciting experience to be able to select my choice of fabrics from the wide collection by Linen Club. Because of Linen Club I have fallen in love with linen and now know where the rest of my summer wardrobe would be coming from. So you too should head down to a nearby Linen Club store or to their website to browse through their collection, fall in love and upgrade your summer wardrobe.


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