Dress up and feel the love this Valentine’s Day

I wanted to have a shoot with my wife, and since February was around the corner, I thought why not do it on Valentine’s Day and make it feel even more special. The idea was, obviously, to have a date with her and celebrate our love and intimacy in photos that capture it. Since we had a lunch date planned for ourselves and would also be going out for some outside photo-shoot, we decided to pick ourselves outfits that were simple, but would still make heads turn.

Since red colour is too synonymous with Valentine’s Day and is now a cliché, we decided to dress up in black, because it never gets old nor goes out of style. Another reason why black felt like the perfect colour was because it would keep us warm, even on a cold Bangalore day.

I wore a black slim fit chintz three piece suit by Zara for the lunch date. The blazer had a classic lapel collar with pin detailing, and its glazed finish gave it that extra touch of visual punch. And the double vents in the back added mobility and gave an edge to the blazer. The waistcoat was a perfect fit, and even without the blazer, it looked well with just a crisp white shirt under it. The black trousers, too, were made from a very comfortable and light fabric. I finished off my look with a black pair of shoes, and a wristwatch, which is always a must. I was very happy with how my whole look turned out − black and subtle, but stylish. A black suit is one of those things that everyone has in their wardrobes, and its there for a reason, because they suit everyone and every occasion (pun intended). You can never get bored of it, nor have enough of it, ever.

My wife, Divya, too picked her dress from Zara. Her ankle length striped dress was monochrome, as well. The strappy knit dress was clinched at the waist and its skirt had a pleated effect. She accessorized her outfit with a pair of black, pointed-toe heels and some silver earrings with white tassels. Vertical stripes always make the wearer look taller than they already are, and are a pattern that I love as well.

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to go out of your way a little to make your special someone feel even more special. And when you’re spending quality time with your significant other, it is important that you dress up well when you’re going out, because the occasion calls for it. My wife and I had a great day together, and the time we spent with each other brought us even closer.

It doesn’t matter whether you have someone to celebrate this day with or not, what matters is that you enjoy yourself and pamper yourself. So if you’re going out, go out in style.

Suit : Zara
Waist Coat : Zara
Shirt : Raymond Supima
Watch : Titan Xylys
Shoes : Ruosh

Location credit : 1131 Indiranagar

Photo credit : Anna Magnolia
Instagram Handle : @photo_magnolia

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