Breaking loose from boredom with Brooks Brothers

Blue, like black, is a color with infinite opportunities. It’s versatility at its best, and I, for one, absolutely admire the color for it. When I saw this Cobalt Blue sweater by Brooks Brothers, I knew I had to get my hands on it; it was the kind of blue that I knew I needed to update my wardrobe with. Opting for colors with darker hues is like the unsaid rule for winter fashion and since I had this sweater, which seemed like nothing less than a piece of garment asking to be worn, I thought I’d give it a try.

The color has always been a major part of my wardrobe anyway, but there’s something calming and refreshing about the color, that I find stepping away from it, hard. This amazing sweater by Brooks Brothers that is piece of art, to me, in garment is undoubtedly my favorite choice for this winter. Since I felt really proud of this purchase and wanted to show-it-off a little with its subtle mélange effect, I went for a pair of light brown trousers and to match with my sweater, a blue pair of shoes.

The greatest and probably my most favorite part about owning a simple piece of clothing is that styling it for different occasions is easier. One can always pair it up with different accessories and other garments to suit the occasion. Team it up with jacket and you can hit the club or add a scarf, like I did, and get yourself the perfect look for a brunch or a casual outing in this cold weather.

I found my Brooks Brothers’ sweater exceptionally comfortable, especially because of it’s raglan sleeves which add to the look. The sleeves extend in one piece, right up to the collar which gives the sweater a loose fitting, which is better than what you can ask for, from a winter wear.  This sweater makes me particularly proud because of it’s ability to be suited for both casual occasions and still have that classy edge to it. Having it on me made me both comfortable and confident.

So, if you’re on the lookout for an addition to your wardrobe that is both simple and classy, allowing you freedom to experiment with different styles and is definitely not one of those pieces of garments that you end up wearing, like just once in a year, then you should definitely check out the amazing options they have at Brooks Brothers. Until then, adios!


Sweater : Brooks Brothers
Chinos :Scullers
Watch : Daniel Klein
Shoes : Cole Haans

Photo credit : Anna Magnolia
Instagram Handle : @photo_magnolia

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