Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions.

Blue is, without any doubt, the new black. The adaptability of the color to every kind of occasion or season or event, is making it a more and more popular choice for men’s suits. And from the ever perennial navy blue to the brighter medium blue, the color is taking the market by storm. Since a blue suit is that one element that completes a man’s ideal wardrobe, I too, obviously, have a few in mine. One of my current favorites is this Rhino blue slim-fit suit.

With a sheeny finish to it and a notch lapel, it has a little less formal edge to it, unlike a blazer with a peaked lapel. Its darker tones make it perfect for both formal and informal settings, if paired with the right shirt. To pack it with a punch, so that the blue of the suit stands out, a white shirt is an apparent choice. Also, the double vents in the blazer give me more freedom of movement and make my look, look more sophisticated. I wore a brown belt and pair of tan shoes to bring some more color to the ensemble and still keep the suit in focus.

Another thing I love about this blue suit is the individuality and the exclusivity of both the blazer and the trousers. The blazer can be worn with pair of jeans or khaki pants to give it a more casual touch. And the trousers can be worn with just a shirt with or without a tie, and the outfit would still look just as complete.

So if you have something coming up or even not, but are considering getting yourself a suit, you can and you should most definitely go for the color blue. Just make sure that it fits you well, and the fabric feels good on touch and is comfortable to wear. The rest, you can be assured, the suit will handle.

Suit : Zara
Shirt : Rare Rabbit
Watch : Titan Xylys
Shoes : Ruosh

Location credit : Social Kormangala

Photo credit : Anna Magnolia
Instagram Handle : @photo_magnolia


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