The thing about most smart-watches is that it’s hard to miss that they’re smart watches. They lack the classic analog look that, for me, makes a watch a watch. So while I have owned quite a few smart-watches I never really found them versatile enough to go with different looks. And that is when I […]

When a man wears a suit, he is not over dressed. Everyone else is, simply, underdressed. You can never go wrong in a suit, because it acts as an extension of your personality whenever you put it on. I have believed in this mantra for as long as I can remember and found myself falling […]

“The journey not the arrival matters.” – T.S. Eliot Arriving in Auckland, New Zealand, however, mattered a lot anyway. The Queen City welcomed us with a promise of an experience I would cherish for a lifetime; and over next couple of weeks of exploring the country, I would watch that promise come true. At the […]

Linen Club

Putting together an outfit for a summer day can be quite confusing. To find garments made of fabrics appropriate for the weather, and with prints and in designs that look fashionable and stylish is very tiresome. Thankfully, Linen Club has proven to be the best solution for this, with its great, wide range of linen […]

Century of a store

Park Avenue has always been one of my go-to places, especially when it comes to shopping for formal wear. Walking into their stores is always been a satisfying experience, you end up finding what you’re looking for. And in most cases, a lot more. So when I heard that Park Avenue was soon launching its […]

stylish SUV

I have always been a fan of SUVs, and I think the perfect SUV should not just be sturdy in built and smooth to drive but should also look stylish. And for me, RENAULT CAPTUR checks off everything I could possibly have on the list. Since I prefer to test things for myself before forming an […]

Fashion weeks are always inspirational and fun to visit. At amazon indian fashion week I got to witness some  latest trends and got a chance to meet some of know and unknown faces. My blog would have been incomplete if I don’t put these pictures from the event. Wardrobe Courtesy Shirt : The bleu Label Photo […]

Valentine’s Day

I wanted to have a shoot with my wife, and since February was around the corner, I thought why not do it on Valentine’s Day and make it feel even more special. The idea was, obviously, to have a date with her and celebrate our love and intimacy in photos that capture it. Since we […]

blue suit

“Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions.“ Blue is, without any doubt, the new black. The adaptability of the color to every kind of occasion or season or event, is making it a more and more popular choice for men’s suits. And from the ever perennial navy blue to the brighter medium blue, the […]

Men style

  It should be a crime for a man to not have a blazer in his wardrobe. Blazers, and well-fitted at that, bring a dressy look to one’s outfit without getting too formal, like a pantsuit. Blazers are known to maintain relevance in many circumstances and settings. Available in various fabrics, colors and styles, it […]